note of apology

Just wanted to say, that it was obviously a bad idea to add pictures to this blog. Clearly they were worse than I supposed. The flickr technology seemed like such a good idea, that I fell in love with it. Bad idea! Don't fall in love! I'll use it for my own purposes, but in the meantime, apologies for posting them.


Stuart said…
That's a shame - I was enjoying the photos. I think Flickr is really good - I signed up myself a couple of weeks ago and am using it to post images.

Some blogs seem to feel the need to post a photo every time just because they can. I didn't get that feel from your site - really liked the woodcutter image...
Jill Jones said…
Hi Stuart, Thanks - maybe I was hasty, I don't know. Anyway, I can see lots of other uses for Flickr. I'm having a bad moment generally. Not the best time to make decisions. Jill

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