what mardi gras?

It's Mardi Gras parade and party tonight - and here I am tinkering with the blog. Time was I'd be getting a bit excited, zooshing myself up, gathering up the party vitamins, making rendevous plans, looking forward to a big wide night (and morning after). Maybe next year. My favourite transexual told me recently of a great-sounding after party at Luna Park but she also said it had sold out weeks ago. I'm just not in the mix anymore.

A has gone off, however, to photograph the pre-parade prep and maybe some shots in the early dark as well. She had to go go to a media briefing this morning for a pass and a nifty (not) yellow jacket thingie. I remember the days (god, don't you hate people who say that) when you could take whatever pics you liked, jump into the parade on a whim and not have to battle serious crowds. Very last century, I guess.

A says she bumped into William (Yang) at the briefing as well and he's going to be doing some pics. He's into video these days but I think the technicalities of lighting mean he's doing digital still tonight.



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