the night doesn't crumble
even with the heavy load
you're not a guitar
you only have corridors
after a meal
and only one leaf is lost
in the telling

harbour harbour
you're no that story either

there are other pains
old ones
you thought excised
they still ride you
so that water dark
can keep to its story
each day something missing
speech falls through holes
there's iodine, salt but

no, no
not the harbour
that's a crossing on creaky wheels

sky spins ever so slowly
paths pick out all the between-ness
that sings too holding
the cracks it doesn't crumble
city stares itself forever
all its fuzzy little points
the water's deep forget
the sharks are tomorrow's gamble

you're not a drum
you're alive
edged alive, called alive

underground gets the circle
vinyl blue, silvered steel
the wolves and cats ignore you
he picks a nose on the night line
can get bored
flesh can be entertaining

somehow you emerge
with the rail song
not crumpled
not particularly safe
but underway

St Leonards to Central, 9-9.30pm, 20 April


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