book launch schtick

Just a reminder about my Sydney book launch -

Friday May 27 9pm
Sydney Writers' Festival
Festival Club, Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Jill Jones, Peter Rose, John Kinsella

Launch of two new collections of poetry: Broken/Open by Jill Jones and Rattus Rattus by Peter Rose, poet, author and editor of Australian Book Review - to be launched by John Kinsella, poet and Salt publisher.

Also on Thursday, May 26 2005, from 1-2.30pm I'm taking part in a poetry reading at the Festival.
Sydney Dance Company 2/3
Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay
Les Murray, John Kinsella, Lutz Seiler, Tony Frazer, Martin Harrison, Jill Jones, Kate Llewellyn

Both are free events.


mark young said…
best wishes for the launch!
Jill Jones said…
Many thanks Mark. John Kinsella gave us both a wonderful introduction. I was honoured.
mark young said…
you deserve it.

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