new jacket - seriously good poetry outfit

Jacket 27 is now on-line. Pam Brown is Guest Editor of this issue.

There's "Hundreds of pages of dazzling literature", including features on Anne Waldman and Jennifer Maiden, a heap of articles and interviews, and poems and prose from Adam Aitken, Rae Armantrout, Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Ken Bolton, Michael Brennan, Maxine Chernoff, Gillian Conoley, Laurie Duggan, Kate Fagan, Michael Farrell, Jane Gibian, Keri Glastonbury, Carla Harryman, Brian Henry, Friedrich Holderlin (trans by Maxine Chernoff & Paul Hoover), Paul Hoover, Jill Jones, Pierre Joris, Claudia Keelan, S.K.Kelen, John Kinsella, Noelle Kocot, Michele Leggott, Cassie Lewis, Kate Lilley, Geraldine McKenzie, Peter Minter, Jennifer Moxley, Eileen Myles, Ted Nielsen, Alice Notley, Ron Padgett, Lisa Robertson, Gig Ryan. Susan M. Schultz, Amanda Stewart, John Tranter, Karen Weiser, Susan Wheeler.


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