A frustrating time. My ISP has had an outage (what a stupid word) and it's still preventing me from getting access to my mail. No apologies from them, I got a rather pouty little chap on the help line, I have to lump it, apparently.

My provider is ihug (or iinet as it is now - it used to be much better when it was ihug). So, they're not a very friendly crew and I can't get any email.

Anyone know a better Australian provider at a reasonable price? The thought of changing is a bit daunting (email address, web site, etc) but the thought has been with me a while. Or perhaps they all have crap service and crap attitude? Is 'sorry' that hard? In Australia, of course it is. Exit screen left, muttering darkly.


Unknown said…
Hi Jill, I'm thinking my way through this too. Have you seen the broadband choice site at

I'm leaning towards iinet at the moment, (though their rates often tie in your phone as well) but haven't come to a decision yet.

Jill Jones said…
Ralph, Thanks for the heads up on whirlpool. I'll take a look. My beef is with iinet so I wouldn't be heading in their direction. I've had two good tips: optus and iprimus. J
Anonymous said…
Hi Jill, I hear your pain about iinet email issues and I am on a one man crusade to bring them to their knees or knock some sense into someones head.
I work for Iprimus and whilst the prices are good the wait times on the phone are often horrendous and they do not seem to be doing anything to improve the situation. (trust me, I'm seriously considering leaving it's that bad)
the idea is your best bet. follow the masses. but try a call to the customer centre first ;)
Ceiling Cat said…
Hiya Jill - WestNet are Whirlpools ISP of the year last year. Had nothing but uptime and helpful techies.

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