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And, in passing, you might like to see the mega pic of me on the Salt website.

They're updating their author/book pages and I threw this very new pic at Chris just a couple of days ago to try it for size (literally). Annette took it at my book launch the other week. Sort of noir and moody(ish). (I wish!)

While you're there you can check out the book, Broken/Open, which needs various new homes with poetry loving folks round the world. (End of commercial.)


genevieve said…
Lovely picture Jill. Sounds like your reading at Sydney Writers' Festival went well, I posted on it as well.
I've got a quiz going down passed to me by an American litblogger of certain repute, wonder if you would like to join in? see my latest post for details,
Thanks, Genevieve
Unknown said…
well I couldn't resist a look, Jill. Nice shot - loaded with atmosphere.

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