I haven't had much energy for posting lately. I have been unwell - flu thing that hangs on. I had a burst of writing some actual poems yesterday but looking at them today I'd say there's not much there, a few lines out of too many.

So this is by way of thanking those who've dropped by lately to offer suggestions for broadband (all under consideration by this household), said kind things about the new pic of me or offered other comments. I hope I can rev myself up again soon as I'm making myself feel rather dreary. The only thing that perked me up slightly was the news that Tomasz Stanko is coming here later in the year.


genevieve said…
I am crossing fingers and giving thanks that we have avoided flu so far this year. May you recover speedily!
Andrew Burke said…
Shouldn't that have been 'Doll drums'? Haa haa.
The only tour dates listed for Tomasz the Trumpeter on the ECM site was July 27 in Germany. Got any other details?

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