That Miles Davis album, On the Corner, is wicked, and has stayed wicked. John McLaughlin's guitar riff is big and bad. Plus all the other stuff on the other tracks and in the mix. I played it twice in a row. I might play it again.


chris said…
Oh, yes, play it again! In fact, I think I will dig it out here and play it too.


Chris Murray
Kasey Mohammad said…
God, I love that album. It's definitely in my top five list of albums I've never owned but always wondered why.

Have you seen the hateful reviews it got when it came out? Maybe the biggest jazz backlash in history?
Anonymous said…
just here from texfiles

On the Corner, man, what a tremendous album - all those electric Miles albums are good

are you familiar with Agharta and Pangaea? recorded live in japan on the same day in 1974, the last recording he did before the hiatus

Agharta is the matinee performance, Pangaea is the evening performance

except for the reed player (Sonny Fortune at his soulful best, playing his ass off) the band had been together for about 2 years, and the fractured funk has morphed into rock that grooves so hard and heavy that it can be uncomfortable - bassplayer Michael Henderson has this monster honking sound

guitarist Pete Cosey takes Hendrix, Sonny Sharrock, his own experience as a Chess session player (that's him doing the wacka-wacka on Electric Mud) and his experience playing with chicago free jazz musicians, and turns it all into one of the most massively blistering guitar attacks ever

not to mention Al Foster on drums and Ndugu on percussion... man, it just piles up in there

of course, these being Miles Davis albums, there are moments of great vulnerability and tenderness - Miles' solo that starts about 8 minutes into side 3 of Pangaea (disc 2 on CD), for example, so simple and lovely, and that sound of his!

the greatest thing about these two albums, and this on no way diminishes the delectability of Jack Johnson, On the Corner, Bitches Brew, Get Up With It, and all the others, is that it is all live, and, because the band had been together for a good while, the music turns on a dime - the studio albums are all highly edited...

well, they're both incredible - chris daniels says check it out

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