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... write but prefer to feel as though you're doing something related? Start here. I admit to being a bit of a pen geek but pencils are fun as well. I still have some very old ones, wooden and mechanical. I remember when we worked in publishing using blue clutch pencils or chinagraphs for marking galleys and proofs. I even have a Hello Kitty propelling pencil (which works) and a nice old Faber Castell clutch, green with brass grip. Better get sharpened up.


Andrew Burke said…
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Andrew Burke said…

I came out to my loungeroom this morning to find a pencil snapped in two. At first I thought it was a problem but then saw its opportunity: two pencils. Ah, but now to find the sharpener ... It is in the shape of a 'soft' typewriter, like a Claes Oldenberg sculpture. Somewhere ... It has been hiding away for years, with no snail trails to its hid(e)y spot.

Thank you for pointing out this site, Jill. It is 'cool' - a word possibly first written in pencil to express its contemporary meaning.
I love my pencils too Jill. A passion that's never diminished from when I was a tot. In her novel, The Philosopher's Pupil, the late Iris Murdoch offered her main character, 'the philosopher' himself, a work schedule and hobby that was devoted around the clever subject's pencils. To this day, I stay sure that she would have been provoked from a real life influence to have sketched this scene. warm wishes.

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