I've had a small amount of annoying spam on the blog. I've deleted it all from the comments boxes. If it gets overwhleming I may have to institute the extra verification step but am hoping not to.

A real cool change is blowing into Sydney now - lovely - and I am looking forward to my bedtime reading, Graham Robb's bio of Rimbaud. Definitely recommended though, for heaven's sake, my paperback version seems to be printed in 7 point type.


Martin Edmond said…
that's a great book - & turn on the human touch verification, it has hidden mysteries ...
Jill Jones said…
Thanks for the tip, Martin. I think I will turn it on. Had more spam regarding odd products - noncontroversial, just odd - in the last day or so.
Andrew Burke said…
Yes, the bloody spam merchants are infesting my blog too. I'll have to investigate how to stamp them out. I wish we could somehow deflect them back at where they came from and swamp their server.

Too tech for me. I'll just try to stop them at the gates!


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