Hello old song

You’ve rippled in currents
promised within wild limits
drowning in tart allure
you may decay or cover yourself with salt
but your breezy pleasures never exhaust
that rare thing
drunk hot and often.

You don’t say
but you’re needed
in ocean, storm, en vacance
just as drag or guitar heroes
attract humming birds
or fallen daughters
so you loiter in optimism
stirred by the best mouths
wrought with fun
standing above the throb controls
rippled by spray.

You’ve been flung into meticulous detail
tolling the autobiographical
the exact fantasy
clutching at big business
you stop at used
you’ve come from bursting with a kind of charm
that’s earned a following.

What if creativity is gilded there
unlit or connected to the following things -
a bewildering sight
a novice
large amounts conjured
the front porch of my life.

You glow into quick
you’ve sat down at little green
never broken by wrong
or judged by its colour
you’ve swarmed rapidly acquiring reputation
multiroom equipment at $5,000 a pop
a great example of why
laments also lift spirits.

You’ve boosted your immune system
in Los Angeles where they’ve confused
your third album as a bit touch & go
come to summer
you speak sure cure for the most stubborn
you’ve sworn festive
and you’ve held up
as a tree.


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