leetle post-long weekend rant

We don't have those TiVo gizmos here but it's been suggested that, even though they can get rid of ads from TV shows (how, sucked out through a magic portal?), they only prove two things: "(A) 'when you can fast forward through commercials, shows are about ten minutes long, and (B) TV is so close to extinction that, even with the power to record 100 percent of the bearable stuff out there (half of which you like because it's so bad) there's still nothing on." (insights courtesy of Vice, Vol 3, No. 3)

Of course, you don't need a TiVo to realise that television is completely extinct in Australia. You'd begin to suspect the news isn't even put together here and that they make the weather reports up. Just draw a map of Australia (don't forget Tasmania), zoosh some squiggles all over it, wiggle them round a bit, throw in a few likely temperatures for three days and, hey presto, Roberta's yr aunty.

OK, so I'm sick of being reduced to dodgy (often stodgy) British crime series and worthy docos on SBS. And if they show another program 'reconstructing' life in ancient Egypt, I'll start reciting the book of the dead.

Yup, I watch television, I'm no purist, but it's getting to be a rare event. It's even hard to find quality trash these days.


mark young said…
we added satellite when we moved to the backblocks. Same ratio of crap to good, but because there's more of it there's more to watch. Greater range of movies, more jazz; but still we end up watching reruns of West Wing & the Star Trek varietals.

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