and another thing

I've noticed when I use another computer (a PC using IE) to look at this blog of mine, that all kinds of hideous pop-ups keep appearing. I'm wondering if it happens to anyone else and what might be the cause.

I don't have that problem using my old Mac with Safari or Firefox, even when I turn off the pop-up blocking dee-vice.



Martin Edmond said…
Hi, Jill - Ruby Street must be the cleanest blog I go to - nothing here but what you post. But I have noticed all kinds of strange things happen when you look at familiar things thru' unfamiliar portals. M
Anonymous said…
I got a popup, that Firefox blocked (on a Mac) -- I'm told that one of the free stat counters is doing this --
Jill Jones said…
Thanks Martin and Sharon. Hmm. I might go investigating said stat counter. There is clearly something odd going on with at least one platform I'm using.

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