been a while

I haven't blogged at all this March, until now.

I was in Adelaide for a week, working, and never near a computer that was remotely capable or available for blogging after hours. I attended a small part of Writers' Week, also work (truly). Met Vikram Seth while holding not one but two drinks (one being minded for the SO). But how did that look! Chatted away with a bunch of British novelists - mainly crime novelists (I do like a decent crime novel). That was a hoot. In fact, had a fairly poetry-free time. Even got me thinking about dusting off the old novel under the bed.

I've 'been unwell', as you might have guessed. Series of tests - fancy having ice cold water poured into yr ear? Bloody well hurts. But I have the hearing of a 20 year old (OK a 21 yo DJ, which I'm not sure is very reassuring). Still some is-shews, but nothing sinister.

I've been working away at a couple of poetry projects and that took up much time, in between all of the above. One project has yet to come to fruition (it involves sonnets, lots of them) and t'other will result in a reading this arvo at the SH Ervin Gallery. Poems written in reference to paintings by Margaret Olley and Donald Friend. Yes, our old friend ekphrasis. These poems are also, loosely, sonnets, one being a sequence of two sonnets.

And, finally, whenever I got to Blogger to put something up, it seemed to 'go all weird' on me.

So I let it go for a while.


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