Many, many, many years ago, I was involved in founding BlackWattle Press, publisher of Australian gay and lesbian work. I moved away from direct involvement after a few years, but my colleague Laurin McKinnon and that stalwart of gay publishing in Australia, Gary Dunne, continued on for many further years publishing books under that imprint.

Laurin has now set up a website to take the BlackWattle idea into the digital realm. One of the first projects, just this Feb, was a free CD documenting the Perverse Verse reading held during this Mardi Gras at he NSW Writers' Centre in Rozelle (Sydney). All those who attended to the very end got a copy of the CD but anyone anywhere in the world can, of course, download a pdf of the CD giveaway. Not all the poems were the ones which were read but they give you a fair idea of what went on.

You might want to check out the archives and other things on the site. A lot of work and a lot of memories there.


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