Here’s news of a US-based anthology of ‘young and emerging’ poets. They’re still compiling, if I’m reading this aright, and it looks as though it does not exclude non-USAmericans. All sounds good.

One of the editors is John Sakkis, a (not just) jazz-loving poet, which has to be a good thing.

Chris Murray drew this to my attention with some funny remarks about the ‘emerging’ thing.

It’s always going to be a point of contention - or worry. I recall a writer (a well-known playwright in this particular case) who said she really felt she was submerging. Maybe. I realise I’ve missed the ‘emerging’ boat because I wasn’t young when I began this poetry lark. As I’ve not really officially 'emerged', I shimmy around my own little piece of limbo-land. It’s not so bad. And who needs permission anyway - to emerge, re-merge, subside, roll along?


Jessica Smith said…
hi, this is the other editor (and another js). just wanted to say... we do definitely want non-US poets to submit work. if ya'll can "shimmy" around such loaded terms as "anthology," "emerging," and "poetry" :-) hope to see some of you in the Inbox. we are getting quite a few canadians and a couple of Britains, and hoping to get some non-English or autre-English stuff as well... basically, anything goes as long as it's good or interesting.

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