into the woods

Anny Ballardini, well-known to bloggers for her lovely Narcissus Works site, has translated one of my poems into Italian. It is available on her other Poets Corner site. The site features many poets from many different countries, by the way, and is well worth exploring.

The poem will become part of il bosco dei poeti,the wood of the poets project. More information on this unfolding idea is available on this site. Along the paths of the wood, there are niches in which the work of the poets is to be featured. There will also be some installations by artists, dedicated to poetry. There are some photographs of the wood on the site.

Of course, my poem is related to the Australian bush, a very different concept of 'wood'.
Thank you to Anny for inviting me to submit a poem and for translating the work.



Anny Ballardini said…
Thank you Jill, I appreciate your note very much,


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