Last year the New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) held a series of poetry events at the University of Canterbury which included an online anthology FUGACITY 05, featuring both NZ and international poets.

This year, indeed this weekend, the nzpec is going to Bluff, southernmost town on the South Island for a series of events called BLUFF 06 and then crossing the Foveaux Strait (just a slightly bumpy hour on the ferry) to Rakiura (Stewart Island), New Zealand’s third largest island. An online anthology OBAN 06, compiled along similar lines, will be launched there today.

I visited both Bluff (well, drove through it), and Rakiura, where we stayed an all-to-brief day and night. It is a place I would love to go back to and spend some time tramping around and, in particular, watching the myriad birds which live or pass through there.

And I like this concept, of linking both face-to-face events held in and focused on a particular locale with input garnered electronically from, potentially, everywhere.


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