off the street - a new home for poems

I am trialling Google's web page builder and, for something to put there, built a site-in-progress called off the street.

Essentially it's poems I've published on this blog arranged by loose categories. I am not posting any ruby street poems that have been published elsewhere or are being currently submitted elsewhere. I've left most of them in the form they appeared on the blog with a little tweaking, mainly of titles and a tiny bit of punctuation.

I've also decided not to arrange them in chronological order, so as to disentangle them from da blog where you can read them and everything else in order, of course.

I've made a start but still have some way to go in sorting it all out.

Google claims it's wysiwyg but, inevitably, it ain't. One of my browsers is an older version of Safari and I had to do a bit of tweaking to get it to look OK, and even so, it's not quite what I intended. Seems OK in Firefox. I will test on other machines over time.

Any feedback, technical or otherwise, gratefully received.

If it seems to work, I may move my original home page to this format. But I have yet to be convinced that it's worth the trouble.


Anonymous said…
I like it! Very clean, clear, easy on the eye -- and the navigation is great. I use FireFox on a Mac.
Jill Jones said…
Thanks. I tried to keep it simple and make sure it all connected up.
Anonymous said…
That looks great, Jill, is that a free service?
Jill Jones said…
Google pages is free but you have to have a google password and be with google mail. I waited a few days before they let me on.

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