piano, piano

Brad Mehldau, Largo
Bojan Zulfikarparsic, Solobsession

Probably dig out McCoy Tyner or Ahmad Jamal next. Or Marcin Wasilewski. Or Aldo Romano with terrific pianist, Danilo Rea. Why not Brubeck, what the heck. Having a bit of a piano arvie.

Rain didn't come. Mustn't sulk. Still wrangling poems. Like hearding cats.


Andrew Burke said…
Hey, Brad Mehldau is good, yes? & Chucho Valdes (spl?) ... Yes, piano days and guitar days and cello days (My Friend the Chocolate Cake rounded off with Bach's Cello Suites). Of course, a good flute day is hard to beat - and a jazz violin day ... it's all kinds of timbres for all kinds of weathers ...


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