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To my knowledge, I have never had a poem written for me nor dedicated to me until Mark Young wrote a poem for me, which he posted some time ago on his now-resting blog pelican dreaming. That is something I am still chuffed about.

The poem appears in Mark's new book, Episodes, which I've had for some time but am now just posting about. (You all know I'm behind-hand due to some physical troubles - vertigo is more than a disease named after a fillum.)

Here are two poems from Episodes.amongst so many wonderful (and often funny) works.

fast amulets

parrakeets anneal the landscape

he changed the room around

five metres of mud lay between the path & the water

the last vestige of light was a yellow butterfly

- Mark Young

switching over/ switching off

come in from
the garden

tea flavoured
with fresh-picked lemon

sink into the chair


- Mark Young

If you haven't got it already, get this book. Not only is it the best of reads but it feels good in the hand.

Books are essential and sensual. See them, touch them, smell them.

Thanks, Mark.


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