all the news that's fit (revised)

* Note: I originally had a story here as a small example of how sad and sorry our media is in Australia, about how one newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald, selectively reported an incident - because it involved an alleged stoush which resulted in charges against one of it's journalists, and then how the rival newspaper, The Daily Telegraph gleefully 'told all' - because it involved one of 'them', not 'us'. Would it shock you to know that the action revolved around a pub?

Of course, both of these rags have become sad facsimiles of real newspapers, although the Terror can be quite amusing with its screeching headlines and oh so obvious bias. At least it's up-front with its skewed, slightly crazed, world view and far less pompous in this than it's tragic 'sister' rag, The Australian, which offers a raft of increasingly tedious pontifications on 'the state of the nation', sourced from some point in the 1950s. Suffice to say, none of these newspapers are truly readable these days - their media owners have ensured their almost complete dumbing down.

Interestingly, and speaking of dumbing down, this entry had become one of the more popular of my blog entries. And now to the point where one sad idiot felt he or she had to leave the oh so intelligent comment below. I was going to remove it, but have decided to let it stand as a memorial to Australian journalism and its supporters. But I have archived the article off line. I don't want to attract any more tragics.


Anonymous said…
You're a stupid, stupid cunt.
Meredith Jones said…
Charming. And Anonymous is a coward, scared to show his/herself... pathetic.

Happy New Year Jill, I continue to love your blog.

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