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Jen Crawford stopped by Ruby Street and, amongst other things, tells me she's got into blog mode at blue acres. Already there's a couple of interesting posts about reading poetry and whither the manuscript.

Jen mentions Samuel Beckett, which is interesting as a friend of mine has just loaned me a number of books, including one of Beckett's poems. I have yet to open that one. I am currently on Mandelstam, but maybe that's where I go next.


Jen said…
hey, thanks Jill - I look forward to your thoughts on Beckett.

michaelf said…
im very taken with mandelstam at the moment
Andrew Burke said…
I taught a unit on Beckett, mainly as a dramatist, but I did weave in 'Whoroscope' and his novels. His poetry always disappointed me - whereas his prose and especially his short plays are really fascinating. Mandelstam was a favourite of my mentor, Dorothy Hewett - she wrotes some poems called the Mandelstam Letters (in her Collected, FACP).

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