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Speaking of Tom Beckett, he posted a fine-sounding recipe, linguine alle noci, at Soluble Census a little while back.

It inspired me to get hold of some pasta again (we've steered clear of pasta for some, long story) and do something, but using hot pancetta (layered with chilli), bought from Charlie's Deli up in Petersham, with some mushrooms and garnished with flat parsley. Well, something like that. Tomorrow night. Tonight, soup with lots of pulses and root vegies and pancetta (not hot and not from Charlie's) plus a nice bottle of Portuguese red wine, Reguengos from the Alentejo region, in eastern Portugal.

Of course, Petersham (Little Portugal), is about to go 'off' tonight, hoping, hoping, hoping (also, lot of Brasil flags - a strange kind of colonial interchange there - and still some for Socceroos - alas, etc - and then, sometimes all three flags in another weird kind of co-hoisting, multicultural, soup-stew-salsa thing).


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