Australian Poetry Festival

The Australian Poetry Festival is taking place at a number of venues this year. Full details on the Poets Union website.

One of the main Sydney venues is at Sydney Grammar School on College Street near the Australian Museum, on 9th and 10th September. Here's a list of some of the sessions.

Sat 9th September
1.00-1.45 Reading: Yve Louis & Michael Sharkey.

1.50-2.30 Reading: Brendan Ryan & Alan Gould.

2.50- 3-50 Between Possibilities: Poets discuss the proposition that good work is seldom produced from a single position. Poets: Joanne Burns, Jaya Savige & George Szirtes.

4-5.10 Reading: Fay Zwicky, Jill Jones & Kathryn Lomer.

Sun 10th September
11 – 11.40 A Poets Union Journey into Spin. With John Carey, Jill Jones, Kerry Leves & Les Wicks.

12.30 – 1.10 Tributes: The Festival pays its respects to Lisa Bellear, Richard Deutch, Phillip Martin, Vera Newsom & Margaret Scott. With Craig Powell & Judith Beveridge.

1.15–2.00 Reading: Stephen Edgar & J.S.Harry.

3.00–3.50 Reading: George Szirtes & Anthony Lawrence.

4.30 Judith Wright Lecture. Fay Zwicky.


Andrew Burke said…
jill - i am writing to you from Linfen. Please send me your email address - I'm at burkeandre at gmail dot com ... u left a comment but of course i didn't have yr email address - it is nearly 8000 kilometres away in wet and cool Perth. Hey, for the festival they should get Anthony and John on the same panel :-)

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