What is this?

While we’re talking light passes, though it’s easy to ignore its radiant shift. We’re neither passengers nor eternal. Though we trip on each other’s recall there’s another history being rearranged in shades drawn on ground.

I say, it’s how you think in circles, wanting to merge rather than mark. The four corners of a centre tremble as they touch space.

Our argument may ignite in small layers or return to its great elasticity. It’s no more than extending a mirror into the existence of zero. But I can do nothing unless I lose my own track, in land that made the curve, neither fleeting nor continuing, but always drawn on ground.

Here are the difficulties - of clusters, pebbles, mind moon, that great vacant sign, an eternal jewel, the head’s empty bucket, containing all things yet without, rearranging itself within clarity’s blue shadow.

the light
of your fingers
skin under sky


chris said…
Hi Jill--

Just now able to get back to reading blogs and I am enjoying this series of Conditions poems--"cluster, pebbles, mind moon, that great vacant sign . . ."--lovely.

Best Wishes,

Chris Murray
Jill Jones said…
Hi Chris,

Thanks for stopping by.

I won't be reading much blogdom in the next ten days, massive stuff ahead for me. Not bad, just large.

And then it will be spring ...

Best, Jill

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