end of August - conditions

So that's it for August and 'the project'. Thanks to those that stopped by and left a comment (and those who visited by leaving other traces, I could feel the pixels rustlin').

This weekend (family duties) and next week (grand happenings, including weekend after) are absolutely chockers, and near impossible for anything outside the squares, the envelopes, the grids, the whatevers. If I get to watch the last ep of Dr Who (on tape), that'll be something, I tell ya.

But I might still try to do my own rustling from time-to-time. Maybe.


Jen said…
Hey Jill - greatly enjoyed 'conditions', increasingly so as it gained momentum. Thanks also for cool links lately - the CA Conrad & Jeff Davis blog. hope you get to enjoy an hour with the Doctor!
Jill Jones said…
Hi Jen - Glad you enjoyed both 'conditions' and the links. Been enjoying grazing in blue acres as well.

And very much looking forward to the Doctor (Who-oo, Doctor Who ... etc) best, JJ

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