A little paragraph (or two) of congratulations

First, my partner, photographer Annette Willis has just won the Friends of Wollongong City Gallery Photographic Prize. Her photograph was a triptych portrait of our friend and fellow photographer William Yang. So we went down to the Gong last week and Annette received real prize money. Yay! I can't get hold of the image at the moment but I'll work on that. Annette will also have another work quite prominently displayed outdoors in Sydney in October. More news on that later.

Also, this weekend there's been a bit of a poetry beano up in BrisVegas, the Queensland Poetry Festival, and this included the presenting of a couple of poetry awards.

Poet/artist Angela Gardner, my friend and one-time collaborator and editor of that fine e-journal foam:e, has won the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Award For An Unpublished Manuscript for her unpublished manuscript, Parts of Speech. And my friend Louise Waller was also runner-up in the Arts Queensland Val Vallis Award For Unpublished Poetry.


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