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I've got a day off work today. That's something hard to come by. All thanks to powers that be. I'm pretty pooped, I can tell you.

I saw the first blossom on our cherry tree this morning. It's coming out real slow. The Japanese maple is already spreading outside the front door but the cherry is always slow.

It's that spring weather that messes your head. There's still a chill in the breeze but the heat tricks you into thinking it's really warm. And it isn't, strictly.

I've neglected the Bobster in recent years but I got a copy of Modern Times. Happy with it on first play through - all sorts of high and low registers in the words and full of the Dylan trademark steals from folk and blues and old timey American music. But, please, everyone knows he didn't write Rollin' and Tumblin'. That's just silly and disrespectful. Sure, the original author may be lost to us, though McKinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters) often gets the cred. At least Bob lets the band stay in tune these days. I've got the 'special' edition with a DVD which I haven't played yet. I normally don't buy 'specials' because they're not so (there are exceptions) but this was 'on special' anyway. And then I noted that in the US it cost more dollars than their regular CD. Here, it's the normal (albeit always inflated) Australian price. So why wouldn't you? The packaging is cool - supposed to remind you of old 78s. Which I'm - just - old enough to remember. My father had a collection of them. Don't know where they got to.

A curious thing. A poem of mine just got accepted for an anthology. No complaints there. But, why that poem, I arks meself? Don't you sometimes wonder why one certain poem gets picked and not the one/s you think ought to be? I don't think my judgement is that 'off' but maybe it's so. I once co-edited an anthology and probably puzzled folks like that as well. Hmm. Just curious, not complaining.


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