birfday blues

Just to say that I got an unexpected birthday present yesterday (13th). Five stitches in my right thumb after a misadventure with glass, late on the 12th. So I won't be doing a lot of tapping on the blog keys next little while, as my lefthand skills are rudimentary and way slow. Can't even write proper. No real pain and no extreme damage but a hindrance.

The worst thing was having to endure some very dire late night early morning television in the hospital waiting room. Not only Mel Gibson's so-called confessional interview (yeah right), but a phone-in 'quiz' show (in reality, a guessing game) whose subject was Biscuits. A Tim Tam, Salada or Kingston, anyone? The local anaesthetic and the sewing bit was, almost, a welcome alternative. And did I mention I'm not good with blood? Oh well, I have a bit less of it now. Looking forward to next birthday.


Jean Vengua said…
Sorry to hear about your birthday mishap. Nearly on the 13th, too! Nevertheless, I hope your actual birth day was a good one.

derek said…
way cool (not the accident) but my sister's birthday is on the 13th too. & i'm still young enough to remember the last time october hosted a black friday - she had a mad witchy cake & theme party & all things scary happened.

happy birfday jill.
Louise said…
also very sorry to hear this. my b'day is the 20th. I didn't realise you were an october gal.
happy belated birthday and I hope you have some good pain relief close by.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday Jill. The biscuit show sounds great, and I would have been happy to see Mel "confess". Hope the wounds heal well.

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