thank yous

Thanks to Michael, Candice, Mark, Jean, Derek, Meredith, Louise and others for birthday wishes and/or get well wishes.

I definitely can't do anything fancy with a keyboard and mouse at the moment. I will catch up on some reading.

I've let the poor old thumb out into the air this morning for a little while. It's not that gross, and that's thanks to everyone at Royal Prince Alfred on Thursday night and Friday morning. It should heal well and join one or two other minor scars on my hands.


Anonymous said…
oh, Jill ... guess every birfday is a scar of some kind. commiserations.
Robin said…
Belated happy birthday and hope things are on the upswing now.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jill, Thought I'd say enjoyed a walk along Ruby Street while dropping in on poets' blogs. Checking out what's going on thinking up some media ideas. Thumbs up to a speedy heal and just keep on celebrating I say. Cheers, Lizz

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