this is not poetry?

I also caught up with Michael Farrell, who was up this way for the Critical Animals component of TINA (This Is Not Art) in Newcastle, and also was staying in Sydney. In fact, some of us toasted his birthday while he was here. Another Libran, like yours truly.

Michael has a new book out, BREAK ME OUCH, which is a poetry comic book (or 'poetry cartoons', Michael says) in a neat A4 black and white format, funny, zany, cool. He put it together himself with the help of 3 Deep, but I can't find a direct link to it on their site. I'm sure Michael would direct you to where you could get copies.


michaelf said…
happy birthday jill. thanks for the mention. it seems to come and go as far as being featured on the site .. the only definite way of finding it by searching -- on using my name or the title BREAK ME OUCH. i think ive settled on 'graphic poetry' as a description..

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