Is there a way to describe the phenomenon of typing up some drafts and thinking, as yr doing it, 'this is crap', then reading them a few months later and thinking, 'that's not too bad'?

I'm at the 'crap' stage this afternoon. I hope the other stage follows. Hmm, maybe.


richard lopez said…
think that word just about covers it. i'm in a 'this is crap' stage myself right now. here's to hoping that it turns out to be a 'this ain't bad' stage soon.
Jill Jones said…
Hi Richard,
Seems we're moving in similar phases. I'm not negative about it, in the hope there is a cycle. To admit to the crapular must be a good thing (surely). Nothing wrong with a bit of manure. Wishing you the upturn in the cycle as well.

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