needs to be said

Very good post from Ernesto. about that film Apocalypto.

The consensus of reviewers here in Sydney seems to be that it is a very violent and rather silly but well-filmed action pic, if that's what you want, but it's sense of 'history' is off-beam. Ernesto analyses it much more deeply.

I haven't mentioned the director's name. I once wrote film reviews for a gay and lesbian weekly paper. The previous film reviewer whom I took over from, Simon Hunt (aka Pauline Pantsdown, for those who remember) told me, when handing over, that he had never reviewed or mentioned this certain person due to his well-publicised rants about gay men. I continued that tradition. But sometimes things need to be said.


Ernesto said…
Thank you for the shout-out, Jill. Exactly, I agree that even mentioning his name is endorsing him in some way. I just need to say that, as your post's title indicates...

very much enjoyed reading a poet, I found it enlightening and enriching; I spent a pleasant while just following your links...thank you...

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