ok, an occasional - for the sake of it

Stray elements

How do you deal with
Make religions of it?

Elements, strays and appearances

What flies up into a place
you cannot tread?

It’s also a quality of waiting
“please listen to the announcements”
Every day requests
mounting your shoulders in a list

There’s the smoke between us
and upon us
it comes from the mountains
it’s a truth of forests, burning
eucalyptus that saves itself
without definitions

Flames take up meaning
and shut it out
lungs lose their syllables

Once you were breathless
laughing round the table
gossipy and as real
as ashy litters

Extremities seem to have origins
They can become so
within the slur space
of the tongue

That rivers have causes?

Written late last year whilst the bush fires were happening in too many places in the nation. If that makes it 'occasional'.


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