the company to poetry

We were slightly upstaged at the poetry reading last night, mainly by the two big queens in the harbour (but it is Mardi Gras month, let's be reminded), but also by a gaggle of kookaburras, cockatoos and currawongs. As well as that, we had musician Michael Atherton on various instruments including the crackle box, the double flute, the waterphone and the kythera.

And Sydney roads turned into a carpark as everyone was out till very late gawking at the boats. Still, some came and listened to poetry.


TagBagger said…
The Queen Mary must have been spectacular in the Sydney Harbour - it was amazing in Halifax last year.
Jill Jones said…
I didn't get to see QM2 - it was round the corner, so to speak, and left again after I left the park. The pic is of QE2 coming in around 6.30pm. The traffic was massive.

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