everything rises

a flower
opens out morning

no cloud still
along earth roads


Meredith Jones said…
Thank you so much! Nice to get a JJ poem, we haven't had one for a while. Have you seen the Hackney connection on Marrickvillia? A couple of them are poets.
Jill Jones said…
Hi Meredith,
Thanks for stopping by. I agree, JJ poems have been few and far between for a while. I'm still in the midst of family business (settling things for my Mum, actually) and work stuff, which all uses up a lot of head space. I may let out some more real soon.

I had a quick look at the Hackney connection and now you mention poets I'll explore 'more better'.

Although I live in Marrickville, I seem to be everywhere but here at most times for the moment. Kinda weird.

Best, Jill
Louise said…
I like this one and the one above, a lovely sense of moment in both.
Also enjoyed Annette's pics. Also thanks for including me on your blogroll, I'm still getting used to the technology, hoping to be able to link and add many blogs I visit to my own soon. dancing with technology and will no doubt be doing so for a good while yet.

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