more movies - good, bad and urgly

I have also been tagged by Richard Lopez to do a top ten film list. Again, I just can't do the 'ten' thing. But what I thought I'd do is list some further movies that, for me, come from a certain era and had an effect on me, sometimes because of who I was with when I saw them as much as the movie itself. Occasions are important.

And because I'm doing this in response to Richard's tag, he of "really bad movies", I've tried to keep more or less to popular(ish) and, mostly, English language films that, at some time or another (not necessarily at their first release by any means), I saw on screen, not in my lounge room.

O Lucky Man
Don't Look Back
Romeo and Juliet
My Fair Lady
The Swiss Family Robinson
Whistle Down the Wind
Dr Strangelove
A Hard Days Night
The Endless Summer
A Man and a Woman
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Fantastic Voyage
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming
Five Easy Pieces
The Passenger
Close Encounters of a Third Kind
The Sting
Harold and Maude
Carnal Knowledge
The Homecoming
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Women in Love

I could easily prepare another list - of very old movies I grew up watching on TV, or a later group of movies that were important to me for different reasons. But let the above stand. I think it's enough for the moment.


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