Write slowly and compose in air
Your mind walks with ghosts on the ceiling
Stand as you move into your limbs
Love your fences and stone as you may
There’s no reply that won’t hurt you


fifi said…
Hello Jill.
I have happened upon your blog, and I love the poetry. You seem to articulate a feeling that I attempt to express, only more....poetically.
I will try to get hold of one of your publications. I like to use poetry in my art. Pictures and poems are related afer all.
You might visit my blog if you have the time, it is a relatively new one. But I have a post on drawing in the air, and you might relate to it, one of your poems sounded like the same feeling.

Jill Jones said…
Thanks for visiting. Glad you found something here. I have done a lot of work writing alongside poems and paintings for the last few years. Yes, there's a relationship.

I enjoyed your blog. Loved the images and your post about drawing in the air (and also the one about the shearwater). I've probably done a lot of staring at the sky in my time. The page in the eye.

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