some new things on-line

The new edition of foam:e is now online. Poets featured include Michael Aiken, Marcia Arrieta, Chris Bell, Iain Britton, Joanne Burns, Sam Byfield, Jill Chan, Alison Eastley, Raymond Farr, Kristin Hannaford, Libby Hart, Anne Heide, Donald Illich, Carol Jenkins, SK Kelen, Misbah Khokhar, Heather Matthew, Vlanes (Vladislav Nekliaev), Maurice Oliver, Jody Porter, Ynes Sanz, Nathan Shepherdson, Louise Waller, Samuel Wharton, Les Wicks and Jena Woodhouse.

And Les Wicks has put together a homage to poets who have either taken part in or will take part in the Festival International de la Poésie at Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Poets featured include Bernard Ascal, Gaston Bellemare, Maxianne Berger, Eric Charlebois, Sylvestre Clancier, David Fraser, Abigail Friedman, Paul Gilbert, Philip Hammial, Jill Jones, Marcel Labine, Martin Langford, Dyane Léger, Erik Lindner, Rufo Quintavalle, Daniel Samoilovich, Paul Savoie, Lambert Schlechter, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Jacques Tornay & Hyam Yared.


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