Did the state change softly
shutting us into time frame
the porous veil?
Windows have the story.

Something still takes the eye
in aviation dream
the breath’s whereabouts
near silent work.

When does a movie
bake its valuables
into the destruction
in the background?

These questions fluctuate.
But they could become hot light
for us attached to normal something.
Why not.

How did the partial houses escape?
Or take the shadow balance
whose accident opens
collaged understanding.

Time’s robust angel pours
fording kindness down river.
There’s a place where calms increase
a blue continual colouring.

When you had to open inside
the marks of a sketch
of that beginning
where fire leaves the form

parts with glances
allows their disposition to cross
all the loading merchandise
freely with each possible. There are:

damages between
interests that worry movement
tigers connecting
oranges and crusts.

We take history
rather than equilibrium.
There’s no solution to images
but we part with their looks.


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