The beyond elegy

Those in a landscape know
on the road systems assemble
goals, the black ones
sectioned in newspapers
those not abundant in love
know the parted edge, the torso
beloved of rain, of summer
that love song, delayed, delayed
on extinct avenues, preceding
the thousand eyes, which fire
the future rather than regrets
mobilising bodies of the narcissus

To increase without knowledge
comment hidden by the heart
like any sound in distant sectors
under palms, the practice of death
in a world where ardour survives
an expensive one
which denies you
so that you exist, only you
if the systems are be-jammed
will you not walk outside
into the loneliness of a scene
in front of armours, goodbye speak

Quandary makes its night song for you
who it constructed, as expensive harms
increase in storm, producing victims
to ask for your sisters, orphans
the song trespasses slumber
delivers the black swan to a place
of noise and famished dancers
who go, in order to stay while
you sink through pagan screens
a morning with its unicorn
whose narrow fragrant crosspiece
still tastes of one, of fields which


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