on bloggering around

Australian writer Sophie Cunningham has written a useful
article on writers and blogging in this week's Age. I knew this was coming as it arose partly from a discussion about blogging which took place on the Australian literary weblog, Sarsaparilla, and regarding which yours truly made a comment.

It surveys why a lot of writers blog and don't blog. F'r instance, James Bradley says: "I suspect the reason a lot of novelists and fiction writers don't blog is to do with an unease about dismantling the psychological barriers a lot of us erect to allow us to write in the first place", while Miss Boynton says, "I wonder what writers can learn from blogging? (the electric speed of playful language for one, where ideas seed)."

The article won't sell the idea to bloggers, cos we're doin' it, but might get a discussion going amongst the sceptics. But, in the end, each to their own process.


genevieve said…
It was a great piece, wasn't it. I love the way Sophie managed to weave in lots of comments from writer/bloggers too, and Boynton's quote was a lovely wrap.
And your poem was very fine too, as always (Oz or Age? I get both on Saturdays, will have to go back and look again now.)
Jill Jones said…
Hi Genevieve, Yes, it was a good article. My sister said she saw it too.

The poem was in the Oz. It had been on its way for some time.

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