I have been away from the blog and other things for a while.

My mother died on 9 August and finally we said goodbye today at a small family and friends gathering.

dark hides nothing
travelled all these years

winged leaf, stone
life to ground

breath the material
returned light

Norah 1918-2007


Tom Beckett said…
Sorry for your loss, Jill.
Meredith Jones said…
Thank you so much for sharing the poem.
Ernesto said…
I'm sorry, Jill.

Here's a hug for you.
Jean Vengua said…
Sorry to hear about this, Jill. Big hug for you...
Jill Jones said…
Many thanks Tom, Meredith, Ernesto and Jean. Much appreciated. -- Jill
Rebeka Lembo said…
"no el tiempo
sólo todos los instantes..."

Forgive the delay. I too am very sorry for your loss.

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