me in philadelphia

I'm taking off soon to do many things in many places, and that will include a poetry reading with some great poets in Philadelphia, just down the road a wee bit from New York (I'm told). Many thanks to CA Conrad for organising this one. And I'll look forward to being part of the Philly sound.

Here's details:

THE 4-J's:
Jill Jones, Jessica White, Jaime Anne Earnest, Joey Yearous-Algozin

SUNDAY, September 23rd, 6pm
108 S. 13th St., Philadelphia

Jill Jones [you know the rest].

Jessica White, a member of PhillySound, lives and writes in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of Temple University and has been published in Eratio and Ocho.

Jaime Anne Earnest was born on a Monday in June in the fair city of Philadelphia, where she still resides with a spoiled British Shorthair cat, Face. She will happily kick your ass at mahjong or Trivial Pursuit any day of the week. And you can totally feel free to call her James at any juncture. Everybody does.

Joey Yearous-Algozin was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1980, He now lives in Philadelphia with his partner, Hailey, and is in his first year at Temple's poetry program.


Anna Omana said…
I am in love with
Philadelphia because it is a lovely city -- old and new at the same time. The streets are full of history and there is always a lot to do; events, art, music, great restaurants, great people... and the night life is absolutely fabulous! Downtown is my favorite place as every day is different and unique. My friend,
Amy doesn’t exactly share this view of Philadelphia and I started wondering are we each so much in love with some places that we cannot appreciate others?
Jill Jones said…
Hi Anna, Any place in the USA will be new to me so I am looking forward to Philadelphia as well as New York. J

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