back home

Sometimes it's easy to write while travelling, and sometimes it's hard. This time wasn't easy. I made some notes with the old pen and paper, but it was intermittent. And I blogged very little. That was partly due to relying on free hotel internet access, which usually blocked sites such as Blogger, having to deal with non-English keyboards, and waiting for other guests to finish their emails.

Now I'm back and writing still seems hard. I do wonder what is going on, as I actually have a lot to do.

I'm still slightly jetlagged. For the first day back Australia seemed too blue and sunny and green, the sky too high. Our garden was lushly overgrown and covered with purple jacaranda flowers. The money looked strange.

Now it's wet and cold and tonight on the train there were two people speaking French and another lot speaking Hindi. That seemed more like it.

I'll get slowly back into it.


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