moving on

If you read down to the last paragraph of this article in The Australian’s Higher Education Supplement this week, you will see my name mentioned.

In other words, I am moving from Sydney to Adelaide in late May to take up a position as a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Adelaide. As someone who has lived, moved and had her being in Sydney, this is a big adventure.

And, ironically, on the day before I leave I will be doing a reading of Sydney poems with fellow poets Robert Adamson and Martin Langford at the Sydney Writers Festival. It could get just a touch emotional. Anyway, if you are in Sydney, come on down to the Bangarra Mezzanine at Pier 4/5 on Sunday 25th May at 1.30pm and enjoy the reading and come and say goodbye (or ‘oo-roo’ if you prefer).


Louise said…
a big congrats to you Jill!

some lucky students in Adelaide, i reckon. change can be hard but not impossible to enjoy and Sydney won't be too far away for visits.

i hope you will still be blogging once you get there.
LivelyClamor said…
Yes, please keep posting.
I'm in the US and have trouble finding hard copies of your work.
So I like to look in now and then.
Andrew Burke said…
Enjoy it, Jill. & the reading - ah, I wish I was there to hear it and enjoy the atmosphere. Say 'hello' to Bob ...
Jen said…
hey woah. well done jill - enjoy, and yeah, we'll be hanging out for posts.
Femikneesm said…
Congratulations! Almost makes me want to go back to Uni...
EILEEN said…
Best of luck, Jill, in your new digs.

And, relatedly, can you email me your new snailmail addy? I'll need to send you your contributor's copy to THE HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY, VOL. II -- thanks for participating in that!

Eileen Tabios
genevieve said…
Very fortunate Adelaideans - and it sounds like your move is going well, Jill. That is quite a change.

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