out of my window

The sky is blue again today, though there are some clouds coming in. Wind sets the leaves going on the tree outside my office window, dying leaves sounding like rain. It does rain here; I have seen it, heard it, felt it.

It is a city of car parks (and maybe churches). I don't have a car or a license so I catch the tram to work - free in my case, as I travel within the 'city mile'.

Someone said to me the other day, 'Adelaide isn't like Sydney, people tend to meet in their houses'. That explains a lot. Certainly, they don't hang around nor entertain strangers readily. I amuse myself.

There are a number of birds that fly above and around the place I am living in for a short while, in the south-west corner of the city. They seem to be the same, or not quite the same, as Sydney birds. I must get ahold of my bird book. They are the main reason I took a short lease here, as the area and the house itself is ordinary.

It is also only a shortish walk to the Central Market, which is one of the best places to be in the city. The markets are not open every day, however, which is also the case with most things. I still peer through my Sydney lens. How a home town makes one (and makes one what?).

Today, the state's teachers were on strike and they marched loudly and lustily up Pulteney Street into North Terrace, all dressed in red. I can now see many of them walking back to wherever, disbursed from their meeting, still in red jackets and sweaters. During the time they were marching there was the sound of helicopters hovering in the air.


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