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Best Australian Poems 2009 is fresh. See Robert Adamson's take on what is happening here and now.


Adam Aitken said…
Hi Jill,

It's large and very diverse. There should be something in there for everyone. I especially enjoyed the poems by Phi O and Peter Rose, and a fine elegy for Jan McKemmish by Pam Brown.

The editor also included previously unpublished work and I wonder if that's a departure from the practices of previous BAP editors?

Adam Aitken
Jill Jones said…
Hi Adam,

Yes, it's almost, but not, overwhelming. I liked Martin's poem for Dorothy as well. And Chris Edward's poem - well, partly because I edited the poetry feature it was part of. And ..., and ... Many others to enjoy.

I think that it has been a feature of a lot of previous Black Inc BAPS (as opposed to the UQP ones), for the editors to accept submissions during the year of unpublished as well as published work. Peter Rose decided not to, as I recall, but I'm sure Les and Dorothy did.


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